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    is a group of professional musicians who have only one thing in mind - rocking even the last notorious Non-dancer with their funky sound. Groovy German Soul - "wer sie nicht kennt, der hat verpennt"

  • Bon Voyage
    Trailer for the new project of the Thomas Plath Band, with dream-inspiring pictures by Marion Intzen-Schiff

  • Lucky & the Powerrockets
    Rock n Roll from the 50ies to the 70ies

  • N-Voices
    The Pop choir from Norderstedt

  • Musikschule Norderstedt
    Since 2008, the music school, together with the Kulturbüro (culture office), the Stadtmuseum/Stadtarchiv (city museum/city archive) and the Mehrzwecksäle Norderstedt GmbH (multi-purpose halls Norderstedt), constitutes the municipal enterprise Kulturwerk (Culture Works)

  • B75
    The cult band of the North. With them, I was the bass player from 1994 to 2001.

  • Music Star
    Norderstedt, Harksheider Markt. There's always something going on in there.

  • Sabina Flora
    Artist from Cologne In September 2007, we had a lovely vernissage in Hamburg

  • Marion Intzen-Schiff
    Artist from Hamburg - together, we are currently planning the project: "Bon Voyage"

  • Asmus Henkel
    takes such great photos as, for example, the one of the Thomas Plath Band

  • Arne Lakenmacher
    This professionally equipped recording studio in Hamburg combines finest analogue and state-of-the-art digital technology.

  • Record Partner GmbH
    Audio-visual media, service - fast & professional

  • DUBE
    Many projects have closely connected me with this band over the years. South African music with, amongst others, Dumisani Mabaso and his wife Bethina.

  • VOX11
    A Danish vocal ensemble - groovy a cappella

  • Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen
    is my collegue at the Musikschule Norderstedt, guitarist and arranger of several N-VOICES songs.

  • Frank Mattutat
    Drummer with LECHTERBECK

  • Theater Life
    jung und creativ (young and creative) in Norderstedt e.V.! Worth visiting!

  • Jazz & Rockschule Freiburg
    "Learning ala Carte"

  • Sörin Bergmann
    "stimmband agent" ("vocal chords agent"), everything to do with voice and rhythm is to be found here.

  • The Drum Kids
    these are Maren Taige, Thando Walbaum and Andy Plath

  • Rücken & Co.
    in the person of Imke Pfeiffer, with "FiT for GiG" they offer a special back coaching for musicians.

  • Carsten von Stanislawski
    certified music teacher, singer, guitarist and composer

  • Philipp Moehrke
    Outstanding keyboarder and pianist and docent at the Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg, band coach at the diploma training course.

  • Musikschule Schleswig-Holstein
    In 2004, a workshop took place here, themed: Musical-Know How.

    JOS AFFAIR produced a CD here

  • Michael Krebs
    Former keyboarder with LECHTERBECK, now performing his own Pop Comedy Solo programme, worth seeing!

    Mehmet is an old friend, who has put excellent Instrumental CDs on the market

  • Christian Halseband
    the finest address in Northern Germany for classical voice training

  • Regy Clasen
    has a fantastic Soul voice, sings German lyrics and is my sister-in-law. A connection that has led to wonderful concerts. Most recently, she was our surprise guest at the Lechterbeck concert at the "Motte" on Nov. 12th, 2005. Meanwhile, her second album and a Live-DVD have been released!

  • Bernd Heitzler
    is, amongst other things, also docent at the Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg